A white-label loyalty platform powered by simplicity
Building relationships
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LoyaPoints offers unmatched features through an intuitive platform

SMS Based

No cards, no apps. Earn and redeem points simply through SMS.


Gain valuable insights to better understand your business and customers.


Through an intuitive design, engage your customers in almost no time.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

No infrastructure cost. Thanks to our cloud based services.

Coalition Program

Manage your multiple business entities under a single loyalty program.

Pay As You Go

We start where you start. Just pay as your business grows.

Business Benefits

LoyaPoints is the right platform for your business

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    helps you retain existing customers

    Studies have shown that existing customers spend 67% more than new ones. Having a loyalty program could help you increase repeat customers, and therefore, boost your business’s revenue.

  • LoyaPoints...

    builds effective relationships with your customers

    Start to have emotional connection with your customers by showing that you truly value them. The more rewards/points earned by customers the more engaged they will be.

  • LoyaPoints...

    lets you understand your customers more

    Monitor your customers’ frequency visit, money spent, and discover your most loyal customers. This information can be used to adjust your marketing strategies to make your customers happier.

  • LoyaPoints...

    reduces your marketing costs

    To most people, a personal recommendation is far more convincing than advertising materials. Loyal customers tend to make more referrals to your business, hence, reduce cost on other marketing materials.

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    puts you ahead of the competition

    A loyalty program can give your business an edge over competitors who fail to offer similar incentives.

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